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Date: 2017-10-19

HANSA-FLEX Product Search

The Product Search functions with an intelligent evaluation logic to ensure you can find what you want quickly and reliably.

Simple search

The search hits ("Search results") will be quickly displayed. If your entry exactly matches the type designation of a product or article (e.g. "GAR"), you will immediately access the detailed view.

List of hits

But if your search input matches more than one article or product (e.g. "GA"), a list of the products found (List of hits) will be displayed. All findings are highlighted in blue.

In the list of hits max. 20 products are displayed per page. If more than 20 products are found, you will see a line at the top and bottom of each page of hits with further pages of hits. You can browse through the pages of hits or directly select a specific page.

The search hits are organised into product groups according to their classification while the product groups are arranged in alphabetical order. The relevant group path is displayed above the products classified, e.g.

You can directly click on every level between the red arrows. If you want to see e.g. all products in the same group of a search hit, simply click on the last level. This deactivates the highlighting of the original search hits.

With hits in article designations (e.g. "GAR NW 04") max. 3 article hits are displayed in the list of hits for each product. Clicking on an article will show the detailed view for the product with all article hits.

Note: If your original input does not produce any hits, an advanced product search will be performed automatically, displaying the hits then found. For some articles the designations of well-known manufacturers are also included. As the result you will see the relevant HANSA-FLEX articles.

Advanced search with wildcards

Was your initial search unsuccessful? Or do you want to be sure that all variants of a query are displayed? Then enter wildcard characters!
An asterisk is used as a wildcard character. This will find all hits containing one or several characters of any type at this point (or no characters at all). The search result greatly depends on where the asterisk is positioned.

Examples (always entered without inverted commas)

Note: Searching with an asterisk as the first character may sometimes take slightly longer.